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Posted on April 18, 2013 - ( views)


The sealing and bearing of the drive shaft in Netzsch’s NEMO dispenser have been resigned with efficiency in mind. The design has been simplified and the number of parts reduced, reducing the length by more than 10mm in all model sizes and bringing down the weight, on average, by 20 percent. The changes create new possibilities for the configuration of production machines, as the light dispenser, for example, can be carried by a smaller robot, which in turn lowers investment and operating costs.

The technology increases the simplicity of maintenance thanks to installed components. Application by the dispenser is highly dynamic thanks to the installed servo drive, while the special rotor-stator geometry of the integrated progressing cavity pump ensures that even compacted, highly filled or shearing-sensitive products or media with solid content are transported carefully. The volume conveyed is directly proportional to the speed of the pump with a volumetric dosing accuracy of ± 1 percent above 90° rotor rotation. A universally adjustable retraction system also prevents any dripping. Depending on requirements and model size, medium can be transported at between 0.05 and 9ml per rotation irrespective of viscosity and temperature. If necessary for the process, the dispenser can be fitted with a heating unit.

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