Maintenance App for Process Plants with Integrated Augmented Reality

For commissioning, inspection and mobile maintenance tasks

  • Maintenance App for Process Plants with Integrated Augmented Reality
    Maintenance App for Process Plants with Integrated Augmented Reality

"Comos Mobile Worker" is a new software application for mobile data management with integrated augmented reality functionalities from Siemens. It was developed in cooperation with Augmensys GmbH, a specialist in the field of mobile data management / augmented reality. For the fast and safe maintenance of process plants, the Comos Mobile Worker app visualizes and processes all required data, e.g. from ERP systems, engineering data and also live data from the process control system in an easy-to-use interface. Thanks to the direct connection to the Comos engineering software, all engineering data can be linked and thus enable a holistic view of the plant. Changes or annotations can be easily and securely transferred through the bidirectional exchange between the systems. The integration of location data also supports on-site navigation. If necessary, augmented reality displays the relevant information to the user on a mobile device such as a tablet, smartphone or data glasses. 

Live data editing and sharing

The user can edit the data directly in the field and, for example, document work packages as "done" and import photos and notes back into the corresponding information sources via a bidirectional interface. This information is then accessible to all authorized employees and in turn can be processed directly. By contacting the service technician via video chat, unplanned plant downtimes can be reduced to a minimum or avoided altogether. Use cases include commissioning, inspection, mobile maintenance, and remote access to experts. A continuous Ethernet connection within the system is not necessary, as data processed by the offline function can be synchronized retrospectively. 

The Comos Mobile Worker app is based on the UBIK software platform of Siemens partner Augmensys and can also be used standalone. The solution is part of the "Siemens Digital Worker", a concept that enables operating personnel to digitize and automate work in the field using state-of-the-art technologies such as AR/VR.