Dry solids flowmeter

strain-gauge, load cell based

  • Dry solids flowmeter
    Dry solids flowmeter

Siemens expands its dry solids flowmeter product line with the Sitrans WF100, Sitrans WF200, and Sitrans WF250 strain-gauge load cell based flowmeters. These new flowmeters provide measuring for compact installations and high capacity applications. Sitrans WF100 handles flowrates of 1 to 200t/h, while the WF200 series handles flowrates of 200 to 900t/h. The WF250 is for use with air-activated gravity conveyors or air slides, typically found in cement processing. The WF250's design includes an air chamber that separates the air from the material, thereby removing the impact of air on the sensing plate and providing accurate measurement.

All of the Sitrans WF100 and WF200 series flowmeters use patented triple beam parallelogram style load cells that have proven their reliability and durability in heavy-duty belt scales, offering superior accuracy and repeatability.

All of Sitrans WF solids flowmeters are suited for monitoring solid materials in cement, mineral, plastics, and food processing industries. The flowmeters are unaffected by vertical force changes caused by material buildup, performing in situations where other weighing devices have difficulties such as in fly-ash or flour applications.