Coriolis flowmeters

offers SIL 2 and 3 approval

  • Coriolis flowmeters
    Coriolis flowmeters

The digitally based Coriolis flowmeter Sitrans FC430 is suitable for any liquid or gas application within the process industry. The device is capable of optimizing a wide range of processes for increased productivity in industries like Chemical and Pharmaceutical. It is ideal for multi-parameter measurement and can be used in applications like fast filling, batch control, blending and dosing as well as for measurement of gases or fluids. Its small size facilitates installation and replacement, and makes it possible to fit multiple units into tight spaces.

The Coriolis flowmeter features market-leading compactness, high accuracy of 0.1 per cent, low pressure loss, extremely stable zero point and best-in-class data update with 100 Hertz high-speed signal transfer. Innovative user friendly support tools provide direct access to all operational and functional data, certificates and audit trails. Sitrans FC430 is amongst the first Coriolis flowmeters to offer SIL (Safety Integrity Level) 2 and 3 approval in hardware and software respectively, enabling maximum redundancy meeting the highest standards of safety and reliability.

The highly automated production of the Sitrans FC430 ensures a flexible supply chain for rapid responses to customer inquiries. Very short lead times for tailor-made solutions are guaranteed by assembly robots guided by sophisticated 3 D vision laser systems.