Smart Condition Monitoring Ssolution with IIoT Sensors for Industrial Plants

System detects potential incidents through machine learning

  • Smart Condition Monitoring Ssolution with IIoT Sensors for Industrial Plants
    Smart Condition Monitoring Ssolution with IIoT Sensors for Industrial Plants

Siemens is presenting Sitrans SCM IQ, a new Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solution for Smart Condition Monitoring, at the Hannover Messe 2021. It enables potential incidents to be detected and prevented at an early stage, thus reducing maintenance costs and downtimes, and increasing plant performance by up to ten percent. The wireless, robust Sitrans MS200 multisensors form the hardware basis for installation on machinery such as pumps, gear units, compressors, and drive trains, where they collect vibration and temperature data. 

Anomaly detection

Via a Bluetooth connection, this data is sent to the Sitrans CC220 industry gateway where it is encrypted before being transmitted from there to the cloud, in this case the MindSphere industrial IoT-as-a-Service solution. The anomaly detection of the Sitrans SCM IQ system is based on machine learning. It constantly monitors and analyzes all sensor values and detects deviations from the normal operating state in advance. Anomaly notifications are sent via SMS and/or email, depending on the configuration and defined user group. The app can be used to document the anomalies of machinery behavior and makes them available to a specific circle of users. The Sitrans SCM IQ system comprises multisensors, gateway and app, and can be used in all industrial plants with mechanical or rotating components. It is scheduled to be available from summer 2021.

No need for cabling

The Sitrans MS200 multisensors feature a robust and compact industrial design with a high IP68 degree of protection. Bluetooth communication eliminates the need for cabling, which greatly simplifies installation and commissioning. The power supply is provided by replaceable industrial batteries, enabling a long service life. The Sitrans CC220 industry gateway ensures secure communication between the multisensor and the cloud. It is suitable for cabinet installation and has an external Bluetooth antenna. The high sample rate transmission enables accurate and reliable data analysis. The Sitrans SCM IQ mobile web application displays the states of the monitored systems and components graphically, anywhere, and anytime. Sitrans SCM IQ is scalable, which means that it can either be dedicated to monitoring a single application or all the machines in the plant.