Access Points and Wi-Fi 6 Client Module

Reliable and high-performance wireless connectivity with maximum data transmission rates

  • Access Points and Wi-Fi 6 Client Module
    Access Points and Wi-Fi 6 Client Module

With a view to the increasing demands posed by digitalization, Siemens is expanding its offerings for network components for industrial WLAN solutions: The new Scalance WUM766-1 Client Module is the first industrial client module on the market that satisfies the latest Wireless LAN Standard IEEE 802.11ax (“Wi-Fi 6”), enabling reliable and high-performance wireless connectivity. By combining the Client Module with the new Scalance WAM766-1 Access Points, users can now implement demanding Industry 4.0 applications such as augmented reality or remote-controlled cranes. At gross data transmission rates of 1201 Mbit/s, the Access Points can link a large number of mobile devices in confined spaces, for example shuttle systems in intra-logistics.

Redundant wireless communication

The network components can also be used outside of control cabinets, in rail applications and in hazardous areas, thanks to their industry-specific approvals and their compact and robust design with IP65 degree of protection. Specific mobile devices in networks can also be deactivated using a sleep mode function combined with a digital input/output interface. This helps save energy and extend the service life and maintenance cycles of battery powered mobile devices connected via WLAN. This enables energy-efficient operation of automated guided vehicles (AGV fleets), for example. The new components will also be equipped with an additional function especially for industry called “iPRP” (“industrial Parallel Redundancy Protocol”) for redundant data communication via WLAN, providing highly available wireless communication and maximum availability for critical services. This function can be enabled using CLP removable storage medium. The CLP also enables easy change-out of devices in the field, as it stores the configuration and simply transfers it to the replacement device when it is reconnected.