80 GHz Compact Radar Transmitters

Level measurement for a wide range of liquids and solids

  • 80 GHz Compact Radar Transmitters
    80 GHz Compact Radar Transmitters

Siemens presents two new additions to the Sitrans LR100 series of 80 GHz radar transmitters. These high-frequency, compact transmitters deliver robust, reliable measurements even in the most challenging environments. Both deliver fast and easy setup. Sitrans LR140 features 4-20 mA simplicity and is configured via Bluetooth wireless technology and the Sitrans mobile IQ App. Sitrans LR150 offers a four-button user interface on an optional HMI for configuration or monitoring. Configuration is also available via Bluetooth wireless technology and the Sitrans mobile IQ App or remotely with 4-20 mA/HART using Simatic PDM. The easy-to-use Quick Start Wizard will have the transmitter operational in minutes. Custom microchip technology delivers fast response and extremely high sensitivity to detect even the weakest of signals.

Corrosion-resistant housing

Reliable readings mean reduced operator exposure to hazardous situations: no need to climb tanks, lean out over sumps, or crawl into confined spaces to maintain instruments. Zero blanking distance allows measurement right up to the sensor, thereby avoiding costly overfilling. And two-millimetre accuracy enhances operational safety through precise measurement through the full range of the application. All this robust performance is wrapped in a submersible housing constructed of corrosion-resistant materials. Integrating critical level readings or process control data into operations can unlock new opportunities to react to safety concerns, analyse processes and identify areas for improvement. Users can monitor level measurements or diagnostic and maintenance information from the comfort of the control room or connect to Siemens MindSphere or any other IoT solution of your choice.